Fellow Niners Fans celebrate the return of our winning ways with Killer Instinct Gear!

When Jed York promoted Mike Singletary to be head coach, he said it was to gain missing Killer Instinct. The 49ers have much more talent than 4 years ago, but had been lacking focus and intensity before the coaching change. The 49ers' new, aggressive play under Coach Singletary is getting the best from our young team's speed and talent. His coaches are improving not only the preparation and skills of the team but also the players' go-for-the-win "killer" attitude. Celebrate the new attitude and victories with Niners Killer Instinct Gear!

I've been a 49ers fan since the glory days of the first Bill Walsh era with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and their great teammates. I hope you'll enjoy watching the team add its sixth Lombardi to the trophy case sooner than anyone else expects. Killer Instinct is how we'll get there!  Go Niners! -- Jeff C.

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